The Surgeon

Prepped for infant neuro surgery, 1994.



With the 400/3.5 at Augusta National, 1988. Short Glass by today’s standards.


In Flight

Flying in the Nine-O-Nine, B-17 Flying Fortress, 2011.


The Kids are Alright

Littlier hands take over at the Summer Church Camp, 2013

Making progress means stepping up to the plate called ‘Risk’.
— Gene Kranz, famed NASA Flight Director known for Apollo 11 and Apollo 13.
Always put yourself in position to be lucky.
— Neil Leifer, photographer known for nearly 200 iconic covers for Sports Illustrated.
Ninety percent of the image is being there.
— J. Ross Baughman, Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist.
If you don’t go back and photograph what caught your eye in passing, you’re not doing your job.
— A. David Crosby, photographer, author and my mentor.