What We Offer

Showing a property in the best light is the goal of any successful realtor. Spend just a few minutes on any of the aggregator real estate sites; Zilliow, or Estately and you'll see a striking difference between property captured by the professional photographer and those who "take pictures". A few years ago this sentiment was echoed in a seminal article in The Wall Street Journal.

With that in mind we've built our business around the following services:

1)  Overnight turnaround of still images ready for your website or if needed, print publication.

2) Pricing:

   Session A:  For homes up to 1500 Square Feet --- $100.00

   Session B:  For homes between 1500 and 2500 Square Feet --- $125

   Session C:  For homes between 2500 and 3500 Square Feet --- $150

   Session D: For homes beyond 3500 Square Feet contact us. We like to keep costs under $200 per home,          including aerial work as warranted.

   Aerial photography - Standard still session up to six images -- $25

 (We charge the standard mileage of 50-cent per for homes outside our 30 mile range).

3) Staging and pre-shot preparation as time permits during the shooting session.

4) Easy scheduling with an onsite calendar. No need tracking down the photographer to set up a session. Simply book your shoot on our "Book Us" page.

5) Easy downloading of production ready images though Dropbox, with online billing and payment portals.

6) We arrive early and scout locations in advance, when possible, to determine the best lighting and always work with our clients to get the best results.

We are fully bonded, insured and competitively priced. We appreciate your consideration when looking for a professional to photograph your next listing!


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